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Pricing & How it works

Pet Art: how it works

Please keep in mind for the photos:

Sizes & Pricing

Pricing depends largely on the size of the canvas and how many pets. This is a guideline for the most common sizes.


 Size Price
Small canvas 30x30 cm, good for 1 pet
Small canvas 30x40cm, good for 1 pet
Medium canvas 45x45cm, great for a 1 medium or large dog or 2 small pets
Medium canvas 40x50cm,  great for a 1 medium or large dog or 2 small pets 
Large canvas 50x60cm,  great for a full body of a large dog or 2 pets or more
Large canvas 60x60cm, great for a full body of a large dog or 2 pets or more $495
Extra large canvas 60x90cm, great for multiple pets or large breeds   $595
Extra large canvas 76x101cm, great for multiple pets or large breeds  
Different standard and custom sizes are available too.
quote on request
additional pet fee (for multiple pets on the same canvas)

$60 per pet
$70 for large size


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to commence the work. The remainder is payable when the painting is finished and before shipping/pick-up.
For a personalised quote or to order please fill out this form
please email me at or message on Facebook or Instagram. Let us know what size you have in mind. If you'd like multiple pets in your portrait or a difference size than below please contact us for a personalised quote.


We ship paintings across Australia. Cost is usually between $25-$55 across the east coast, depending on the size of the painting. Please contact us for a quote for other areas. If you are based in Brisbane, local pick-up is possible too.  Worldwide shipping available on request.

Tips for photographing pets

Some tips and suggestions to help you capture a great photo of your pet that I can use for a painting.

Get on their level. Getting on the floor and at the same level as your pet is a great way to capture some dramatic, yet natural shots. We all know how a dog looks when viewed from above, this is the way we always see them. For a better result, show us the way they see the world! Sit on the floor or lie on your belly and remember to shoot from his eye level or below. 

Take clear and sharp photos. To help reduce camera shake, take a deep breath before you take the shot. 

Aim for the eyes. In your pets quiet moments, after eating or bedtime for example, move in close for some dramatic and expressive shots. 

Catch your pet's character. It’s a good idea to photograph pets in their preferred spots or enjoying a much-loved pastime such snoozing on the porch or catching a Frisbee. If you have a lazy cat, show him yawning, if your dog is of a playful type, show him in action performing his favourite trick! 

Avoid flash if possible. Flash can scare your pet or make them nervous and it can lead to red eyes.

Go macro. Take close up shots! Experiment, take your time and enjoy the session. Try different approaches, angles and compositions. Shoot a lot! 

Surprise them & get some help.  One of the most difficult things is to let your pet hold still. An easy trick is to let him play quietly and, once you have everything ready, let someone call for him or whistle. This will surprise him and caught his attention and you will have a few seconds to capture him in a nice and alert posture. 

Make sure you use the highest resolution possible on your camera. 

Take many shots, and amongst them could be a winning image! 

MK Gallery can connect you with a local photographer should you need help taking a good photo of your pet. 




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