How it works

Step 1

Send 3-4 photos of your pet to  

Step 2

Together we choose the photo with the best composition to display their character. You get to choose your favourite colour scheme if you like.

Step 3

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot in the queue.  You will receive an invoice and payment can be made through PayPal  with you PayPal account, or directly with your MasterCard, Visa or American Express card. 

Step 4:

Sit back and relax! We will send you a photo of the finished painting before you pay the balance. 

Step 5

In just a few weeks, your unique painting arrives at your door! 

Ready to order?

If you know what size you are after and would like to buy your pet art, contact MK Gallery with your photos. You will be contacted to provide photos and choose your colour preferences. 

What to look for in a photo

  • Pet Art work requires photos that are sharp and in focus. Screenshots of a photo are not suitable, we need the actual photo file. 
  • The larger and clearer the better to show detail.
  • At a minimum, it shows the full head and shoulders of your pet. Usually, we paint just the head and shoulders. 
  • Composition is important as we work off one selected photo.  
  • Background can be blurry or cluttered. 
  • Photos taken at eye level with your pet are the most engaging and look best when painted. Photos that are taken from our eye level, looking down on the dog do not look good on a painting. 
  • Your pet is not wearing any clothing or large accessories (more than just a collar) that take up a large part of the body. 
  • It is a photo that you took yourself or you have copyright of. Most professionally taken photos taken by photographers are not suitable as they are copyright protected, unless you have written permission from the photographer. 

Some good and not so good photos

Get on their level


Getting on the floor and at the same level as your pet is a great way to capture some dramatic, yet natural shots. We all know how a dog looks when viewed from above, this is the way we always see them. For a better result, show us the way they see the world! Sit on the floor or lie on your belly and remember to shoot from his eye level or below.   

Take clear and sharp photos


 To help reduce camera shake, take a deep breath before you take the shot.  You don't need a special camera, just set your phone camera to its highest resolution.

Use natural lighting


Photos taken outdoors usually have better natural lighting. Flash can scare your pet or make them nervous and it can lead to red eyes.  Indoor photos can work too, and the background is not relevant.  

Not enough detail


You want to make sure your pet takes up most of the frame in the photo. Yes, we can zoom in but the photo will become blurry and does not have enough detail for us to work with.

Too blurry


Photos that are not sharp and in focus will not produce a good result. After all, we are human and we can only paint what we can see!

Not the actual photo


Although a photo may look great as a wallpaper on your phone or computer, we need the actual image file. A screenshot from your phone or computer screen is not enough.